Vegetable Spegaties

Ingredients for Vegetable Spegaties

In English
1 onion
3 green chilies
1 Capsicum chopped
1 carrot chopped
1/2 cabbage chopped
1 spoon Soya sauce
1 spoon Vinegar
1 spoon Chinese salt
1 packet spaghetti
In Roman Urdu
1 pyaz
3 hari mirch
1 shimla chopped
1 gajar chopped
1/2 band gobhi chopped
1 spoon Soya sauce
1 spoon sirka
1 spoon Chinese salt
1 packet spaghetti
Cooking Method of Vegetable Spegaties
Direction In English
Add 4 liter water in a pan and add one spoon salt in it. When the water get boil, add spaghetti in it. When it is near to cook, remove from stove and drain the water. Place it under cold water so that it does not get sticky.
Now heat the oil and add one spoon of vinegar, soya sauce, salt, Chinese salt and black pepper in it. Then add garlic and ginger with onion. Then add capsicum cubes, carrot and cabbage in it. Mix spaghetti with it and add green chili over it. Serve hot with tomato sauce.
Direction In Roman Urdu
4 liter pani ami aik spoon namak daal u ubaal lain. Ab es mai spaghetti daal lain aur jab naram ho jaye tou garam pani gira k thanda pani es py dalain taa k ye jurh na jae.
Oil garam kar k us mai aik spoon sirka, soya ause, Chinese namak, kali mirch aur namak daal k adrak lehson aur pyaz ko fry kar lain. Ab es mai shimla mirch, band gobhi aur gajar daal lain. Spaghetti aur sabziyoun ko mix kar k us mai hari mirch daal k garam garam peysh karain.

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