Treatment Of Hepatitis


Treatment Of Hepatitis
Plum: hepatitis patients should eat plums, papaya, melon and orange.
Tamarind: drinking tamarind water in hepatitis is very helpful.
Looki: drinking looki water mixed with mishri is very helpful in hepatitis.
Phatkari: mix some phatkari in 200 grams of yogurt. Take less quantity if giving to children.
Onion: cut an onion and soak it in lemon juice. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper and eat daily in morning and evening for hepatitis.
Garlic: take 4 cloves of garlic and mash well. Mix in half cup of warm milk. Drink it in hepatitis. Drink some more milk after it. Repeat it for 4 days to get rid of hepatitis.
Carrot: carrot is natural medicine for hepatitis. In Europe, doctors suggest to give carrot juice and carrot soup to hepatitis patients.
Radish: eat raw radish daily early in morning. Take 125 grams of water of radish leaves mixed with 30 grams sugar. Strain it and drink daily. It gives instant relief from hepatitis.

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