Treatment of Dry Cough


Treatment of Dry Cough
Jaggery: mix 15 grams of jiggery and 15 grams of mustard oil. Lick it daily to get rid of dry cough.
Water melon: eating water melon is very effective in dry cough.
Mango: burry ripe mango in hot ash for some time. Eat it after cooling down. It is very useful for dry cough.
Dates: eating dates are considered to be very effective in dry cough.
Sugarcane: sugarcane juice if very good for dry cough.
Black pepper: chew ginger and black pepper together in case if dry cough. Mix same quantity of mishri and black pepper together then mix same quantity of ghee in it and give it shape of round tablet. Keep this candy tablet in mouth to get rid of dry cough.
Take some crushed black pepper and mix with honey. Eat it daily.
Drink warm milk with some black pepper before going to bed at night.
Carrot: take 310 grams of carrot juice and 25 grams of spinach juice. Mix them together and drink.
Eating almonds is also very effective in dry cough.

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