Treatment for Winters flu


Treatment for Winters flu
Boil 5 Fig in water and then drink filtered water. it will relief you.
If flu makes you sneeze more than 5 or 6 times then by eating garlic you can stop youself from sneezing.
Burn thebhota of maize and crush its ash. Add salt according to your taste. Daily swallow it with hot water four or five times a day.
If flu is because of winters , water comes out of your nose and eyes while sneezing . By taking tea you can have relief because it causes sweating and provides heat to the system.
Eat paan with longe in it if you have flu.
Crush 125 grams of dhaniya and boil it in water. when water becomes almost ¼ th then filter it and add 125 gram misry in it and then again heat it. When it becomes thick then remove it from the burner and daily lick almost 10 grams. It will cure mental weakness and flu.
Morus is very beneficial for the disease of throat and flu.
Add 124 grams of Spanish juice and 31 gram carrot juice and mix it in hot water and drink it. It will relief you surely.
Boil 15 gram of soonf and 7 longs in water. when water becomes ¼ th add sugar in it and drink it.
If flu and asthma cause balgham then add haldi in hot water and take it three times a day.
Crush the mixture of 4parts of crushed salt and 1gram of salt . take half spoon daily with hot milk it will relief flu.
Flu can be cured by squeezing one lemon in water and then by drinking it.
If you have a very bad and old flu then eat guava only for three days it will cure it.
In case of cough and flu add salt in the tea of poodina and drink it. It will cure them.
Place hot chanas on a sheet and then smell it. It will relief flu.
Make cigarette of ajuain and smoke it. It will help you in this regard.
Brown Sugar:
Place brown sugar on the coals and then breath in and breath out. It will relief your flu.
In summers, flu can be cured by adding rai to the honey. By smelling and heating it your flu can be cured.
Boil adrak and brown sugar in water. when one forth is left then filter it and then drink it when it is mildly hot.

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