Traffic halts on Doha highway as tiger escapes its owner

Traffic on a highway in Doha came to a standstill after a tiger tried to find its way through a maze of cars on Tuesday.

The confused tiger after prowling and pouncing finally hid under a car. It was then leashed and taken home by its owner. The big cat was riding a car when it got unchained and jumped out on the road.

The 20 second footage of the tiger went viral on social media.

This isn’t the first time a tiger has wandered out on the streets in the oil rich gulf country Qatar.

In March last year, a cheetah cub was found in the north of Doha, according to Al-Arabiya News.

The law considers it illegal for residents to keep wild animals as pets, but the big cat has become the ultimate show of wealth for rich Arabs.

Wild animals kept as pets have also escaped in other Gulf states.

In Dubai, a pet lion was seen roaming the street of Al Barsha neighbourhood last January after escaping from its owners.

In Kuwait a man was sued in 2014 after his pet lion escaped and attacked a Filipina maid.


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