Prevention from heat


Prevention from heat
After the sun rises stand in the sunlight for fifteen minutes naked then take bath properly.
1- By washing your eyes with cold water will make the eyes fresh and healthy.
2- Don’t go in the sunlight if you are hungry. Cover your head before going in sunlight.
3- After eating something take rest for sometime.
Eat morus for preventing yourself from heat.
oat :
Juice of oat provides coolness to the body. And don’t allow heat to damage your body.
Harar :
Crush the harar , mix it in equal amount of brown sugar and make small tablets . Daily in summers eat two tablets and drink water. It wont allow heat to damge your body.
Drinking gooseberry juice in summer wont make you thirsty in summers and save yourself from the problem caused by heat.
Pomegranate makes the heat vanishedand we should take its juice in summers.
Rice are considered to be cold by nature. By eating rice daily in summers will provide coolness to the body
Coriander :
Dizziness, vomiting and fast heart beat could be relieved by crushing 100 grams of coriader and half gram water in it. Leave it for half an hour. Then rinse and filter it with half cup of water then add patasha in it and drink it after every 3 hours. It will benefit every disease caused by heat.

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