Microsoft making its own cloudBook to take on Google’s chromebook

An event on education-focused Microsoft hardware is happening soon.

The event which is scheduled to happen on May 2 could probably include the launch of a cost-effective computing device, an inexpensive computer designed to primarily run apps from the cloud, a device that will finally directly respond the rapid rise of Chromebooks.

The device will be similar to Google Chromebooks running Chrome OS, running a variant of the operating system called Windows 10 Cloud which came to light earlier this year.

Windows 10 Cloud can only run Windows Store apps by default unless some tweaks are made in the Settings.

It’s called a CloudBook, according to reports, and it’ll run a new variant of Windows 10 called Windows Cloud.

According to reports, MSPowerUser has spotted a patent, filed in December, suggests Redmond’s cloud operating system might offer something more, but Chrome OS already has it, building upon the existing account-based syncing functionality on Windows 10. One might be able to sign-in on any device and find all of his files and apps sitting inside.

Currently, the max we can do on Windows 10 is sync the settings and the Windows product key.

Microsoft would be very desperate to take on Google in the education segment where there is an increasing demand for cheaper and convenient devices.

Windows 10 Cloud could be the Microsoft’s weapon to conquer the ARM territory which is mostly in the hands Android and Chrome OS.

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