Marble Cake

marble cake

Ingredients for marble cake

In English
Eggs 2
Fine Flour 1 cup
Sugar 1 Cup
Baking Powder 2 tsp
Cocoa Powder 3 tblsp
Butter 3/4 cup
Milk 1/2 cup
In Roman Urdu
Anday 2
Maida 1 cup
Cheeni 1 Cup
Baking Powder 2 tsp
Cocoa Powder 3 tblsp
Makhan 3/4 cup
Doodh 1/2 cup
Cooking Methods
Direction In English
Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. Beat egg and sugar very well and set aside. Mix flour and baking powder. Add egg mixture in it and mix with a wooden spoon. Add milk and make a soft mixture. Add melted butter and mix again. Now divide the mixture into two parts. Add cocoa powder in one part of mixture and mix it. Now grease the molder. Add one dinner spoon full of plain mixture in it and then one spoon full of chocolate mixture. Repeat the whole procedure for all mixture. Bake it for 25 minutes or until it surface becomes light brown. Serve marble cake with hot tea.
Direction In Roman Urdu
Oven ko 180 degrees pr garam krain. Anday aur cheeni ko achi trha beat krain. Ak alag bowl mai maida aur baking powder mix krain. Anday k mixture ko is mai daalain aur lakri k chamch sai mix krain. Doodh shamil kr k narm sa mixture bna lain. Akhir mai pighla hua makhn shamil krain. Mixture k dou hisay kr lain. Ak main cocoa powder shamil krain aur mix kr lain. Ab sanchay ko grease krain. Is mai bara chamch bhr kr saday mixture ka daalain phr ak chamach chocolate mixture ka daalain. Is amal ko bar bar dohrain. Mixture ko 25 minutes k liye bake krain yahan tk k is ki satah halki brown ho jaye. Marble cake ko garam cahye k sath paish krain.

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