Gaining weight


Gaining weight
Banana: drink 1 big glass of warm milk after eating 2 bananas. Repeat it daily for 2 to 3 months to gain weight. It is best remedy for skinny people.
Pomegranate: pomegranate is effective in increasing blood in body. It is also effective in gaining weight.
Coconut: eating raw coconut also helps to gain weight.
Dried dates: it also increase blood in body and provides immunity. Boil some dried dates in water and eat them with milk.
Peanut: eat some peanuts daily to gain weight.
Ard: eat daal of ard with its peel. It helps to gain weight.
Ghee: mix some ghee with sugar and eat some daily to gain weight.
Carrot: keep drinking carrot juice to gain weight.
Pea: eating pea is very helpful in gaining weight.
Almond: soak 7 almonds in water daily at night. Peel them off in morning and mash well. Mix some butter and sugar and eat with bread. Drink some milk with bread also to gain weight. It also helps to sharpen mind.

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