Fruit Macaroni Salad

fruit salad

Ingredients for Fruit Macaroni Salad

In English
Elbow Macaroni 1 cup(boiled)

Fruit Coaktail 1 cup

Apple 2

Raisin 3 tbsp

Mayonnaise ½ cup

White pepper ¼ tsp

Salt to taste

Cream 4 tsp

In Roman Urdu
Elbow Macaroni 1 cup(Ubli hui)

Fruit Cocktail 1 cup

Saib 2

Kishmish 3 tbsp

Mayonnaise ½ cup

Safaid Mirch ¼ tsp

Namak hasb e ziaqa

Cream 4 tsp

Cooking Method of Fruit Macaroni Salad
Direction In English
Peel the apples and cut in cube shape. Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix it very well. serve Fruit Macaroni Salad when chill.
Direction In Roman Urdu
Saib ko cheel kr chokor kaat lain. Tamam ajza ko ak bowl main daalain aur mix krain. Fruit Macaroni Salad ko Thanda honay pr paish krain.

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