Donald Trump wins the presidency in ‘shock result’

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump stunned America and the world Wednesday, riding a wave of populist resentment to defeat Hillary Clinton in the race to become the 45th president of the United States.

The Republican mogul defeated his Democratic rival, plunging global markets into turmoil and casting the long-standing global political order, which hinges on Washington’s leadership, into doubt.

Trump has begun addressing his jubilant supporters at a victory party in Manhattan, his hometown.

State-by-state, one-by-one, the 70-year-old maverick Republican tycoon racked up victories in defiance of the forecasts of pundits and pollsters, before arriving within striking distance of the White House.

Key races in Michigan and Pennsylvania remained to be called at 0630 GMT, but the 69-year-old Democrat’s supporters were in a state of shock and the markets did not wait for a concession speech to react.

US futures markets fell five percent in after-hours trading, mirrored by falls in London and Tokyo as the news broke that the world’s greatest economy could soon be in the hands of an untested protectionist.

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