Creamy Qeema Cutlets

Creamy mince Cutlets

Ingredients for Creamy Qeema Cutlets

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In English

Beef Qeema 1 kg
Bread Pieces 2
Milk 1/2kg
Green chillies 4
Black pepper 1 spoon
Butter 1 Table Spoon
Fresh Coriander
Refined flour 3 tsp
Bread crumb

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In Roman Urdu

Barha qeema 1 kg
Break ka chora
Doodh 1/2 kg
4 hari mirch
Kali mirchain 1 spn
Makhan 1 spn
Taza dhaniya
Atta 3 spn
Bread ka choora


Cooking Method of Creamy Qeema Cutlets

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Direction In English

Mix salt with qeema (Mince) and cook till water dry out
Give heat to a butter in a pot and fry flour include milk, Cool flour and mix thoroughly.
Make cutlets by mixing green chilies, milk mixture, coriander and black pepper in a bowl, .
Apply roti ka choora (bread crumbs) and eggs to cutlets and fry in oil in a fry pan.
After it gets golden remove it from pan and put in a dry paper and enjoy the delicious dish.

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Direction In Roman Urdu

Qeemay mai namak daal k pani khusk honay tak paka lain.
Makhan ko garam kar k us mai atta fry kar lain.
Qeemay mai hari mirch, doodh, dhaniya, aur kali mirch daal k cutlets bana lain.
Oil ko garam kar k cutlets ko anda aur bread ka chora laga k fry kar lain.


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