Cold Coffee

Cold coffee
Ingredients for Cold Coffee
In English
Coffee 3 tbsp
Milk 5 cups
Sugar 4 tbsp
Honey 1 tsp
Ice as needed
Vanilla Ice cream 1/2 liter
In Roman Urdu
Coffee 3 tbsp
Doodh 5 cups
Cheeni 4 tbsp
Shehad 1 tsp
barf hasb e zrurt
Vanilla Ice cream 1/2 liter
Preparation Method of Cold Coffee
Direction In English
Take a blender machine and put all the ingredients except ice cream in it. Now blend all the ingredients together. Now add ice cream and blend once. Pour the Cold Coffee in glasses and serve cold.
Direction In Roman Urdu
Blender machine mai icecream k illawa baqi sb cheezain daal kr blend krain. phr ice cream daal kr ak dafa blender ko chalain. glasses mai Cold Coffee daal kr serve krain.

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