Baghare bengun

baghare baingan

Ingredients for Baghare bengun

In English

Bengun 1/2 kg
Coconut powder 2 spn
Cumin 1 spn
Peanuts 1 spn
Onion 3 spn
Poppy seed 2 spn
Red chili 1 spn
Coriander 1 spn
Curry leaves
Ground red chili 5

In Roman Urdu

Bengun 1/2 kg
Coconut ka chora 2 spn
zeera 1 spn
mong phali 1 spn
pyaz 3 spn
khush khas 2 spn
lal mirch 1 spn
dhaniya 1 spn
Curry pattay
Kuti hoi lal mirch 5

Cooking Methods of Baghare bengun

Direction In English

Heat the oil and put curry leaves, cumin, ground red chili in it to fry. Then add bengun in it. Grind all other spices and put it in bengun. Fry then and add water to let the bengun tender. Then add tamarind in it and put it on dam. Sprinkle coriander leaves. Dish is ready to serve.

Direction In Roman Urdu

Oil ko garam kar k us mai curry pata, zeera, kuti lal mirch daal k fry kar lain. Ab es mai bengum daal lain. Baqi masalay ko grind kar k bengun mai daal lain. Ab es mai pani daal k bengum ko gala lain. Ab us mai imli daal lain aur dum py rakh lain. Dhaniya pattay kaat k dish py daal lain aur serve karain.

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